Release Notes

  • Version: 4.0
  • Release Date: 12/16/2013
  • Status: Supported
  • Retired Date: N/A

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that caused an exception in web services returning visit information when admitting or attending provider was missing or invalid
  • Fixed bug in the Orders web service that caused the same order to be returned multiple times


  • Installer 
    • MDM Settings are now labeled Outbound Message Generation Settings
  • Data Administrator
    • New Document Change Report
    • Required fields now appear in bold
    • Check performed on key field for all standard lists to eliminate overwriting existing data
    • Additional required fields for Document Types
    • DOB no longer a required field for Provider setup
    • Additional required fields for Provider setup
    • Document Level added as a column in Document Type list
    • Improved the management of sending application names with their aliases
  • Configuration Manager
    • HL7 Import now uses scroll function to select values
  • Data Service
    • Reduced logging of the Object Import service
    • Event logic for HL7 messages improved to match intended purpose of the message
    • Document Level now included in xml output
  • Web Services
    • Added the ByVisitID method to the Patient service
    • Added the ByAppointmentAndPatientName to the Visit service
    • Properties added to the methods in the Orders service to specify whether search should return submitted, completed, cancelled, or recurring orders
    • All data transfer objects and search objects are now in the Inofile.DataTransfer namespace

Known Issues

  • Installer
    • Review Your Settings screen does not always automatically display the settings
  • Configuration Manager
    • Maintenance Schedule not enabled still allows edit of all fields
  • Data Service
    • The default HL7ToObjectMapping file maps ordering application to MSH4 and should be updated to reflect the correct location in an O01 message
    • A value of 0 must be entered for Retention when importing a Document Type list.
    • A message level error is received when an HL7 message attempts to update an inactive patient location for a visit. This occurs as a result of the patient visit being previously discharged and the message containing the exact same message date and time.  
    • A fatal error message is received for daily maintenance when maintenance is attempting to complete and perform a delete at the same time. The message states that the data service has stopped running, but it does not. No action is required.

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